Powers of the Commission

(1) The Commission shall have all the powers necessary for the execution of its functions under the Constitution, this Act and any other written law.

  • The Commission may make regulations for the better carrying of its work and such regulations shall be tabled before Parliament for approval

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the Commission shall have powers to—

  • gather, by such means as it considers appropriate, any relevant information including requisition of reports, records, documents or any information from any source, including any State organ , and to compel the production of such information where it considers necessary;
  • take any measures it considers necessary to ensure compliance with the principles of land policy set out in Article 60 (1) of the Constitution.

(3) In the exercise of its powers and the discharge of its functions, the Commission—

  • may inform itself in such manner as it may consider necessary;
  • may receive written or oral statements; and
  • is not bound by the strict rules of evidence.
  • The Commission shall establish offices in the counties and may establish other offices in the sub Counties as it may consider necessary
  • The Commission shall work in consultation and cooperation with the national and county government subject to article 10 and Article 232 of the constitution