Powers and Operation

Powers of the Taskforce

In the performance of its functions, the Task Force shall have all powers necessary to:

  • Commission studies or research into reports and literature that may inform it on its mandate.
  • Hold Public hearings in Nairobi and at such other places as it shall deem necessary for the proper discharge of its mandate.
  • Hold private hearings whenever it becomes necessary to instill confidence in the people appearing before the Task Force to allay their fears of adversity or reprisals.
  • Receive written memoranda from individuals and groups on all issues relevant to its mandate.
  • Have access to all reports and documents necessary for the effective discharge of its mandate.


  • The task force shall report to the National Land Commission.

Mode of operation
In the performance of duties, the taskforce shall:

  • Regulate its procedure.

The quorum of any meeting for purpose of conducting any business shall be 7 (seven) members.


  • The task force shall finalize its task within a period of nine months with effect from the date of gazettement.
  • Any of the members may resign by writing to the Commission to that effect and such resignation shall take effect upon such letter of resignation being received by the Commission.