Chairman's Message

It’s now five years since the establishment of the National Land Commission. Over this period the Commission has made tremendous strides in implementing key land governance mandates bestowed on it by the Constitution, the National Land Policy and the various land statutes. However, this success has not been without challenges as enumerated elsewhere in this review. 

For a long time, Kenyans have yearned forc a solution to the myriad of historical land injustices that have been with them from time immemorial. During the period under review, the Commission in collaboration with key stakeholders drafted several bills to address investigations and adjudication of historical land injustices. These bills formed the basis for the amendment of the land laws that were recently enacted. We have also conducted successful review of grants and dispositions of public land that culminated in restoration of land to public institutions. 

A case in point is the Lang’ata road primary school. Going forward we intend to work closely with relevant stakeholders to migrate land administration and management to a digital platform which will be made possible through implementation of the National Land Information Management System. We remain fully committed to the aspirations of the people of Kenya in promoting and spearheading land reforms.

“For a long time, Kenyans have yearned for a solution to the myriad of historical land injustices that have been with them from time immemorial.”

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