Dr. Swazuri Muhammad - Chairman

Dr. Swazuri Muhammad – Chairman

Prof. Swazuri A. Muhammad is the Chairman of the National Land Commission. He boasts ‘Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya’ Commendation (O.G.W) by the President in 2004. He holds Doctor of Philosophy in Land Economics, a Master of Arts in Housing Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Land Economics with Upper 2nd Class Honours all from the University of Nairobi. Previously, Prof. Swazuri Served as a  Commissioner of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, CKRC.

With a background in teaching, Prof. Swazuri has lectured at a number of Universities in Kenya and abroad, where he has supervised PhD students.

He is an associate member of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya. He has served in many Boards and he is currently the Chairman of Kwale Water
and Sewerage Company, Shimo la Tewa school and a member of National governing Committee of the Kenya Red Cross. Dr. Swazuri is a scholar who has researched and presented papers, written and reviewed books, published articles and many others are still lined up for publishing and other scholarly projects in progress.

Abigael Mbagaya - Vice Chair

Abigael Mbagaya – Vice Chair

Commissioner Abigael Mbagaya Mukolwe holds a Master of Urban  Management (MUM) and a Bachelor of Arts in Land Economics (Hons) from the University of Nairobi. She is a Full Member of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (MISK), Valuation and Estate Management Surveyors Chapter and is a Registered Valuer. She is an alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) Governance Programme. Before joining the Commission, she worked as a Corruption Prevention Specialist at the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission, focusing on the land and Public  Service sector. She has wide experience in governance, anti-corruption and fraud prevention. She has written papers, reports and researched extensively in corruption prevention strategies.

She has consulted for other countries and international bodies including United Nations on issues of good governance. She has over 22 years of work experience in both public and private sectors.

Abdulkadir Adan Khalif - Commissioner

Abdulkadir Adan Khalif – Commissioner

Commissioner Abdulkadir Adan Khalif was born and brought up in Mandera County. He studied at Elwak Primary School, Garissa Primary School, Wajir Secondary School, The Mombasa Polytechnic and the University of Nairobi where he graduated in Surveying and Photogrammetry. He worked for the Ministry of Lands as a Surveyor and later joined the private sector. Abdulkadir worked in the USA as a Surveyor and also studied Geomatics Engineering at St. Cloud State University. He returned to Kenya in 2009 and started a private practice as a Licensed Land Surveyor until he joined the National Land Commission in 2013.

He joins the Commission with a wealth of experience.

Clement Isaiah Lenachuru - Commissioner

Clement Isaiah Lenachuru – Commissioner

Commissioner Dr. Clement Isaiah Lenachuru holds a Master of Science in Natural resources, a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management and a Diploma in Range Management from Egerton University. Lenachuru has worked at Egerton University and rose up the ranks from a Senior technician to a lecturer in the department of Natural resources, faculty of Environment and Resources Development. He enjoys a wealth of experience with Non-governmental organizations where at one time he worked as a National Coordinator for Pastoralist Development Network of Kenya, an advocacy body that championed for the inclusion of the pastoralist agenda in the policy development in Kenya.

He is currently pursuing a PhD in Rangeland Ecosystem in Colorado State University, USA. He brings quite a lot of experience to the National Land Commission.

Emma Muthoni Njogu - Commissioner

Emma Muthoni Njogu – Commissioner

Commissioner Emma Muthoni Njogu is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She holds a Masters of Laws (LLM) in Commercial and Corporate Law from University of London, Queen Mary and Westfield College as well as a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations, both from the University of Nairobi.

She served as a Joint Secretary to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Land Law System of Kenya (Njonjo Commission), whose recommendations informed the National Land Policy and the provisions on land in the Constitution and in the new land laws. While under the
Office of the Attorney General, Commissioner Emma Njogu in her capacity as Head of Copyright Section served as a Joint Secretary to Kenya’s Task Force appointed to develop policies and laws to protect Kenya’s traditional knowledge, genetic resources and traditional cultural expressions.

She also served as Deputy Chief State Counsel in the Department of Treaties and Agreements where she handled diverse legal and policy issues. She joins the National Land Commission bringing on board expansive legal expertise and a wealth of experience in land matters.

Dr. Rose Musyoka - Commissioner

Dr. Rose Musyoka – Commissioner

Commissioner Dr. Rose Musyoka holds PhD. in Public Policy specializing in land policy from the University of Birmingham, UK and a Postgraduate Diploma in Land management and Informal Settlement Regularisation from the Institute for Housing & Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She also holds Master of Arts (Philosophy), Master of Arts (Urban and Regional Planning) and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Nairobi.

Musyoka is a registered planner and lead expert in Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit. Dr Rose Musyoka is currently a Commissioner, National Land Commission. Before joining the Commission, she was lecturer in the Department of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Nairobi. Musyoka has also worked as an Urban and Regional planner with the Government of Kenya for over 18years. She has researched and published in land particularl its governance, management, informal urbanisation, and access for the disadvantaged especially the poor and women.

Dr. Samuel Kipng'etich Tororei - Commissioner

Dr. Samuel Kipng’etich Tororei – Commissioner

Commissioner Dr. Samuel Kipng’etich Tororei holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Environment studies (human ecology), a Master of Science in Health Planning and Financing and a Bachelor of Education. Previously he served as a Commissioner of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights where he was the Vice Chairperson and at the same time an acting Chairperson. He worked as a Director for the Kenya society for the blind. Dr. Tororei was a delegate at the Constitution conference representing the civil society and people with disability. He has a background in teaching and currently lectures at Moi University, school of public health. He joins the Commission with a lot of humility with the aim of giving back to society.

Silas Kinoti Muriithi - Commissioner

Silas Kinoti Muriithi – Commissioner

Commissioner Silas Kinoti Muriithi boasts the Presidential Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) award. He holds a Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning (Planning), a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Surveying and Photogrammetry, both from the University of Nairobi. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Surveying and Mapping from Geographical Survey Institute in Tsukuba, Japan. He has extensive experience spanning over 25 years, on all types of surveying and mapping by use of total stations, GPS, remote sensing (aerial photography/satellite imagery) as well as GIS operations and planning and surveying and mapping of settlement programmes. Commissioner Kinoti previously served as a Director in the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC).

He is a member of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) and Kenya Institute of Planners (KIP) among other professional bodies. He has  served as a Director of the Kenya Roads Board among other boards. While he engaged in both the public and private sector, he has worked in virtually all corners of the Republic of Kenya and in the East African Region. He joins the National Land Commission bringing on board a wealth of experience.

Dr. T. Konyimbih Mboya - Commissioner

Dr. T. Konyimbih Mboya – Commissioner

Dr. T. Konyimbih Mboya has been a registered and licenced valuer in Kenya for over twenty years. He holds a PhD from the University of  Cambridge in England where he read land policy and tenure reform. He holds a prize first class honours degree from the University of Nairobi – after his high school studies at the Starehe Boys Centre and School where he was a head boy. He has previously worked as a property manager and land valuer both in Kenya and abroad.

He has published widely in the areas of Land Valuation, Land Taxation, Land Economics, Land Tenure Reform, Land Administration, Land Management, Land Policy and Estate Management. He has been teaching these same subjects at the University of Nairobi for the last 23 years and has supervised several Masters Degrees and PhDs at the University. He has served in various parastatal boards, and has been an external examiner at the University of Dares Salaam.

Dr. Konyimbih has researched major consultancies for the Government of Kenya and Namibia for UN-FAO and MDP-World Bank and was one of the lead consultants in the writing of the “Njonjo” land Commission Report and the current National Land Policy.

He is a member of the Kenya Cambridge Commonwealth Society, African Centre of Technology Studies, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya and has represented Kenya in various professional forums in Britain, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.
In the National Land Commission, Dr. Konyimbih chairs the Committee on Land Administration, Land Taxation and Compulsory Acquisition and is a Commission reference point for the Counties of Taita Taveta, Kiambu, Kericho, Nyamira, Nandi, Siaya and Homa Bay. He brings to the Commission a multi-dimensional wealth of practical, analytical and research experience having worked for the Government of Kenya, the private sector and the University of Nairobi.

Tom Aziz Chavangi - CEO

Tom Aziz Chavangi – CEO

Tom Aziz Chavangi is the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary to the National Land Commission. A seasoned professional lawyer and a former Magistrate, Chavangi holds an LLM degree from Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, U.S.A. and is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. He has Bachelor of Law (LL.B) and Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM) from Bhopal University in India. He joins the National Land Commission from the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission where he was elevated from Director of Legal Affairs to the CEO and Secretary to the Commission, a position he held until he joined the National Land Commission.

Previously he worked for Children Legal Action Network where he was the Executive Director for five years. With over 14 years of legal experience, Chavangi has had close working relations with Government Agencies, Civil Society Organizations and Development Partners at policy programme and project levels, both in urban and rural settings. He has extensive experience in project monitoring and evaluation of donor funded projects. He once served at the Task Force on the Implementation of the Sexual Offences Act. He is currently pursuing a second Master degree (Msc.) in Transformational Leadership and Organizational Development at United States International University, in Kenya.